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Mumbo #5 Monday!

on August 6, 2012

This morning I have this song stuck in my head and I swear it makes me want to Zumba! It was the catchiest freaking song back in 1999! (Sidenote: I was always sad he didn’t say Samantha in his little homage to the ladies!).

So last Monday I went with my friend Layne to Stefanie’s Zumba class and I LOVED it! Holy tomato it was hard!! (thank you Julianna for that cute phrase!). I literally was a WRECK when I left – but it was great! I found out my gym offers Zumba 4 nights a week so I’ve arranged this week’s schedule to add in some of those classes. I needed a cardio I liked doing and I think I FINALLY found it. An hour on the dreadmill is just that, DREADful. An hour of Zumba literally flies by! I had considered this back in my bellydance days and I thought it wouldn’t be up my alley. Now my goals and preferences have changed. I need something sweaty and fast-paced ~ Zumba fulfills that need.

Wanna come Zumba with Stefanie? barre n9ne is hosting a Zumba dance party on September 07, 2012 @ 6:30pm. Register here:

So how did my last week go? I was in NYC from Tues-Fri. I was emailing with FitBit tech support Friday because my 67 total blocks (5.3 miles!!)  of walking WERE NOT REGISTERED on my device!!! Booo! But, I did it. I wore my old school pedometer and I walked my butt off AND I went to the fancy gym at my hotel to get a little impromptu 55 min circuit in before work one morning. I was proud of my food choices – but disappointed in the number of cocktails I drank. That’s not me. I’m not someone who drinks every night….and I drank Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Granted I counted those calories (thank you Jess + Jo for calories on wine/shots – I saved that post in my phone). White wine = 150 cals a glass. Tanqueray and tonic w/ lime also = 150 calories. But, I need to remember that just because I’m traveling doesn’t mean I can go off my normal program.

I realized during this trip that I am NOT a city mouse. I like the city….but I am a country mouse at heart. I like trees. I like driving. I like fresh air and open spaces. NYC doesn’t have any of those.

Sunday morning I decided to try barre n9ne cardio w/ my fabulous friend Stasia. Holy TOMTATO ~ it was brutal. I sweat through my clothes + my hair was drenched. I’d call that a success! FitBit (still acting a fool and not displaying correctly unless synced) says I burned 1400 calories and got 4200 steps. SCORE!

This morning I faltered – I set 3 alarms and still managed to sleep until 6:45 – missing barre method. Alas, I had a backup plan. Tonight I will do Zumba @ the gym + a 30 min circuit set with light weights. It’s not the same, but I will still get a good calorie burn. Tomorrow I will do barre fusion in the evening. Wednesday is Zumba + circuits. Thursday is barre method with Jo (and Jess!) and Friday is TFFR and cardio sweat-fest at night. BAM!

I feel like I’m back. I have a plan for the week ~ I have some back-up options built-in just in case….I’m on point. I will kick August’s ass!


3 responses to “Mumbo #5 Monday!

  1. Jess Sutera says:

    It’s the first week of August. Make it your b*tch, mmk? 😉

  2. jobo says:

    You got this! bring on the holy tomato!!!

  3. simplydom says:

    Love your blog! really interesting! look forward to following you on your story.


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