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Finding Peace.

on September 28, 2012

A few posts ago I vowed do less blogging, less twittering (I know it’s tweeting, I think twittering sounds funnier), less Facebook-ing . Overall just unplug and LIVE when possible to try to balance this crazy life of  mine. Well I failed, miserably. One of my biggest problems is clearing my mind before bed. I am awful once my head hits that pillow. I run through my budget, my calendar, my to do list…I replay arguments or conversations in my head, realizing all the points when I could have been more clever or smarter or more eloquent. My mind flips from topic to topic so fast it would make your head swivel! Then my insomnia leads to getting on my phone and tweeting, Facebooking, playing stupid word games (Scramble has officially consumed at least 13 of my sleepless hours in the past few weeks). Next thing I know I’m exhausted, grouchy and on the brink of a short-circuit from technology overload.

Then I saw this and it struck a chord (thanks Jo!).

Disconnect to reconnect. YES!

So this weekend I vow to disconnect. Shut my laptop down, turn my Blackberry off and LIVE instead of talking about living.

Along the same things I have been thinking a lot about peace. Tanya taught me to eat for peace. Her example is “Chocolate cake for a special occasion is fine, chocolate cake every day leads to disliking who you are”. It’s true! Eat something because you want it, you crave it and enjoy every bite of it – once in a while. Don’t eat to mask emotions, don’t eat because you’re bored – eat for peace.

I feel like in society we put so much pressure on ourselves to constantly be in motion. Work towards goals. Do more. Try harder. Be better. Multi-task.

In my own life I am constantly nit-picking myself. Why did I eat that? (even if that is a granola bar versus fruit), why did I take on so much at work that I am now drowning in projects and missing out on having a life?, why haven’t I reached my goal weight yet?, what’s wrong with me?, why am I still single?, is there even someone out there for me?, will I always be the “fabulous, single friend”? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I am not at peace. I am literally in the midst of a battle zone that wages on inside my head. It’s tiring.

Honestly! It’s exhausting. Sometimes you just need to step back, chill out and say “f it!”. Embrace Peace.

So what exactly *is* peace? Mmm I think this sums it up:

Now I need to practice that!

Happy weekend!

Enjoy it. Get fresh air. Relish in quiet time. Turn off your phone. Bake brownies. Take naps. Do all of the above!



5 responses to “Finding Peace.

  1. E says:

    holy smokes. I totally identify with some of these feelings. And this is priceless, “I feel like in society we put so much pressure on ourselves to constantly be in motion. Work towards goals. Do more. Try harder. Be better. Multi-task.”

    Why do I need to have so many goals? Is it wrong to be content with what I currently have and who I currently am?

    Your post is so well written. Thank you!

  2. jobo says:

    Amen sister! So this means not even checking in at barre n9ne on Facebook 😉 hehe! SO hard to disconnect, I can completely relate to this. It’s easy to say, hard to implement. Clear your mind. You can do it (and you know I love the eat for peace mantra!)

  3. Jess Sutera says:

    Please please pleeeease honor this vow and totally and utterly disconnect this weekend. I’ve had these unplugged weekends from time-to-time (and need to do more of it) and it leaves you feeling so renewed, refreshed, centered and utterly cleansed. Go for it girl

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