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40 Days of Thankfulness

on October 10, 2012

This morning I was catching up on my tweets (and not living on Twitter like I promised last post!) I saw this:

I love this!! I’m a huge fan of Thanksgiving. I’m also a huge fan of warm fuzzies. I thought it might be  nice to have a post of thankfulness.

I was also reminded last week that it’s nice to be thankful at a certain time of year – but you should be thankful  every day. Thanks for tweeting this Lindsay!

“What if the only things you had today were what you gave thanks for yesterday?”

Food for thought eh? 🙂
Without further ado here are 40 things I am currently very thankful for. No order.

  1. Healthy bites!! OMG these bites are so amazingly delicious.
  2. Freedom of speech. I can say whatever I want. I can post whatever I want. How rad is that?!
  3. My mom. She’s my best friend as well as my biggest supporter. Very thankful for her.
  4. Seasons. Oh it sounds silly but right now the air is deliciously crisp and that is a beautiful thing! I love autumn!
  5. A good job that affords me the ability to go on vacation, buy nice things and work with cool people.
  6. Friends who know me in a way that cannot be described. Jewels. Stasia. 🙂
  7. My dad. He was always an active father/husband and in hindsight I realize how lucky I am to have that.
  8. Starbucks. I love me some coffee. I am thankful for Starbucks and the lovely baristas in Wilmington.
  9. A house with heat and a huge cable TV and a comfy bed that are all mine.
  10. My brother (who is rolling his eyes for being all the way down to #10 on this list. LOL).
  11. barre n9ne. Love this exercise and the support this program has provided me!
  12. Friends I’ve met from b9! Oh yes, this gets it’s own entry. These gals rock and my life is better having people who can commiserate about water-skiing and side leg series! 😉
  13. The ocean. It reminds me how small I am and how insignificant my problems really are.
  14. Reality TV. The Voice, Top Chef, ANTM…I am thankful for mind-numbing TV!
  15. Friends who don’t allow me to sulk or sell myself short. Thank you.
  16. Music. Oh god how BORING my life would be without music. I am thankful for tunes.
  17. Perspective. I am thankful for the ability to see where I once was in comparison to where I am now.
  18. Flip-flops. Love me some flip-flops!
  19. Technology. I can’t imagine living without a laptop, my smart phone or The Google.
  20. Books. I love getting lost in someone elses words. There’s something beautiful about sharing that.
  21. Sunsets and sunrises. Knowing that no matter how good or bad a day is it will end is a powerful thought.Watching it end in a beautiful fashion makes it easier to accept.
  22. Love. I am thankful for the love I have in my life ~ even if it’s not the romantic love I crave. Someday!
  23. Ebony. At 19 he may just be one of the best things to ever happen to this family!
  24. Being 30. I am so thankful to be where I am in life and where I am in time. I couldn’t cut it in other time period. 1900’s? God no. Pilgrims? Terrible shoes. I’d never fit it.
  25. Stars. Nothing else reminds you of how small you are like star-gazing.
  26. Saturdays. Oh god my FAVORITE day by far. Sleep late. Go to barre. Hang out in PJs.
  27. Senses. I used to have this fear when I was younger that I would lose one of my senses…I know it sounds crazy. I would go back and forth on which sense I could live without. Sometimes I would think touch, then smell. Never sight or taste. Or sound.
  28. Change.
  29. Palm Trees. I swear this is why I love LA so much.
  30. Forgiveness. Of self, of others. It’s not always easy, but it always feels good to let something go.
  31. Kleenex. Legit. Every time I’m sick I think “Thank GOD for the person who invented tissues!
  32. My past mistakes. They’ve shaped who I am today. I’m thankful for the stumbles I have had to date. I’m a better person for having been through these things.
  33. Zumba! The only cardio I actually enjoy.
  34. Hot showers. Mmm  yes. Nothing tops it after a long day!
  35. Yoga pants. I could literally LIVE in yoga pants.
  36. Gmail. What did I do before Gmail + more importantly gchat?! Seriously.
  37. Hugs. I am a super huggy person. I sign my emails XO. I hate handshakes. Hugs mean so much more.
  38. The men and women who protect this country and allow me to be free. Thank you .
  39. Sarcasm. I am thankful for people who understand my sarcasm ~ and sass me right back.
  40. You. Thank you for reading this, supporting me and being part of this crazy journey!

What are you thankful for???


9 responses to “40 Days of Thankfulness

  1. jobo says:

    love this idea!! 15 and 17 are my faves, and all the b9 ones of course 🙂 I love the 40 days of thankfulness!!

  2. mcqty says:

    I need to do a thankful post !! I can never say thanks enough for the blessings in my life. Thanks for sharing !!

  3. Lauren says:

    Such a great post! I will have to think of mine and share with you at work sometime!

  4. cottercrunch says:

    this just made me smile big. I love them all. Because i can relate to them all. Thank you for including me!

  5. ballzaa says:

    Thank for sharing. ^^

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