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Listen to Your Body

on November 19, 2012

Ya know the old saying if you want to hear God laugh just tell him your plans? It’s true. Last week I blogged about my awesome, daunting plans for kicking my own ass from now until my next bout of travel. I started off good – Monday legs class, Tuesday cardio, Wednesday Zumba DVD, Thursday method…..but then it hit me. Thursday night I was sicky icky – fever, dizzy, hot, cold, hot , cold. Friday I was down and out sick. No TFFR. Saturday I was a stuffy mess with sore ears and a massive headache so I couldn’t go to Zumbathon (which seriously made me so sad -I was looking forward to this for weeks!!). Ditto that for Sunday. No exercise past walking from my couch to get food or Kleenex. Today I decided to play it on the safe side, stay home from work (so as not to get my coworkers sick) and cancel legs (which is legit, my favorite class) for some rest. I am hoping by tomorrow I am back 100%. Here is the new, revised schedule for ass-kicking!

This quote really hit home in regards to caring for yourself (especially when sick!):

Now since being sick I have really thought about the foods and drinks I’m putting in my body. I’ve opted for fruit smoothies instead of coffee and for hot quinoa with coconut instead of ice cream. I’ll admit it’s not always what I crave, but sometimes it’s still tasty and hits the spot!

Quinoa with coconut, honey and almonds

Peach smoothie!

I swear every so often your body likes to remind you who’s in charge by taking you down for the count! I miss barre. I miss feeling the awesome soreness after a kick-ass class. Right now my soreness is entirely of the germy kind. Hoping to be back in the saddle tomorrow and back on the road to skinny jeans! After all my 31st birthday is literally in 71 days – but who’s counting!?!?). 😉


3 responses to “Listen to Your Body

  1. Jess Sutera says:

    Ohh feel better my dear! I’ll miss you in the studio tonight but this is a very smart move on your part! Ass kickings return next week, don’t you worry 😉 Feel better!!

  2. jobo says:

    Ugh, down for the count!! Glad you listened to your body and I will wave at you as I go in to teach TFFR while you’re lean and tone’ing it up 😉 That quinoa looks divine!!

  3. Ana J says:

    Great motivation, thanks!:)

    All the best,

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