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Small Changes = Big Results?

on January 7, 2013


My brother and I completed in awesome challenge on New Years, sparked by my BFF Jewels. Grab a sheet of paper – tear it into strips and write down goals you want to work on for the year in 1 week increments. Fold them up – toss into a mason jar and every 2 weeks pull a slip to work on. Derek is not very adventurous with food so he threw in a lot of slips about trying new things + sticking to schedules. I threw in a lot of mini challenges like no desserts, doing all morning workouts or not using a pony tail during the week for work (I’m so lazy with my hair, it’s sad!). My first one was NO desserts, 2 weeks. Coming off Christmas and New Years  – a dessert detox is a MUST. But, dammit I want something sweet! Thankfully banana Chobani + peanut butter is quite tasty ~ as are all fruit smoothies…those will have to suffice for the next 2 weeks! I have done no desserts for months before so I know I can persevere.  Derek’s first challenge is trying 6 new nuts (I have no idea how we’re related – I LOVE nuts! He only likes cashews). 🙂

If you’re up for a challenge I highly recommend it!


Week 1: Derek’s jar on the left, mine on the right. Pink duct tape? Best find ever!

I got the idea of doing a second jar – (thanks Mama E!) – Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. on New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year….. ❤

rainbow memories
I think both of these things are small changes in my perspective (or my goals for the week) that will yield big results in the long run! I loved this post by one of my favorite bloggers Cupcakes and Cashmere“I’m torn about New Year’s resolutions. They’re promising in theory, but usually turn into these unrealistic challenges we create for ourselves. Instead of embracing the upcoming year with energy and enthusiasm, I end up dreading my new pledge to hit the gym and eat more vegetables. Besides the statistics that show how few people follow through on their resolutions (it hovers around 10%), I’ve decided to take a different approach this year. I want to start the year on a positive note – one that celebrates and rejoices in the little moments instead of focusing on changes that need to be made.”

How true is that?! We all resolve to exercise more, drinks less yadda yadda. What if we did small things and come next year were happier, healthier and more fulfilled because of it? I think that sounds awesome. Do it with me and share your challenges / successes!

I’ve been making small changes to my diet. Not just tracking my calories but tracking what kinds of foods fill me up versus which ones lead me to be hungry in a few hours. Chobani yogurts with fruit / granola / anything are the best snack in my fridge right now. Apples with peanut butter and smoothies made with all fresh fruit are close behind. Popcorn? Tasty but notsomuch nutritional or filling. Same goes for Kind bars, I love them. but they don’t keep me full! So this month I will focus on choosing the healthy, more filling option and making sure not to succumb to taste over fuel.

I also want to focus on getting the best workout possible. Not just going to the gym or Zumba or barre n9ne – going and being 100% *in the moment* of what I’m engaging in.

Live more in the moment and less in my mind. Tweak things when I find I am not longer getting the same burn / enjoyment / sweat.

I am a huge nerd when it comes in charts/ graphs. I like pictures. I like a story with visual aids. So, when I came across this I had to save it. So true!! Not happy? Change something. Don’t want to be happy? Stay the same and shut up! 😉


5 responses to “Small Changes = Big Results?

  1. jewels129 says:

    Yay for goals in jars!!

    I (finally) did mine this weekend too. Looking forward to challenging myself lots!!

  2. Jolene says:

    love this! small changes make HUGE progress. I am convinced. You can totally crush the no desserts thing – SHIFT your focus and believe in those chobanis as your dessert. Because they totally are, just coming in a different package than traditional desserts 😉 Am I right?!

  3. Lauren says:

    Another thing that could be a trick with your yogurts, is getting a bunch and putting them in little ice trays or something you can stick in a freezer and pop out a few when you are craving something sweet like ice cream!

  4. Jess Sutera says:

    LOVE these changes — particularly about staying ‘in the moment’ and giving it your all when you are working out — at barre n9ne or otherwise. It can be SO easy to lose focus, to start to phone in a workout and ultimately, that just steals the joy right out of the workout AND you lose the benefit of the workout if you aren’t there giving it 110%. I think the more you focus and truly make that workout your ‘me’ time, the more results you will continue to see! I also love that you are refocusing on the fueling aspect of foods — agree, agree, AGREE!! Rock on girl!

  5. justm3lissa says:

    Yes, you are so right – I think small changes are the only ones that are long lasting! Love the jar idea!!

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