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Is Weight-loss an Accomplishment?

on January 10, 2013

I follow a lot of weight-loss / healthy blogs –  some have amazing tips and give me warm fuzzies, some get me fired up and thinking. Recently someone posted a negative comment they received about fat people getting praise when people who have maintained a healthy weight their whole life never get accolades. The commenter said she was sick of seeing fat people get praised of overeating then undoing their mess.  Of course, people went rabid like Justin Bieber fans at a free concert in Time Squares. Insults were hurled, angry faces were thrown, swear words exchanged etc. etc.

I sat back (for once) and pondered this. Do we (“society”) praise people for unfucking their lives? We do! There are TV shows dedicated to losing fat, giving up additions (“Addiction”) or getting over a failure (or failures) ala “Fix My Life”. There are magazines and news specials all about transformations. We are obsessed with success stories, we thrive on progress and we live for triumphs over adversity. Right? So then how do people on the other side of the coin feel? Should we in fact be celebrating people who have kept it together all along?


This graphic made me laugh out loud, I had to use it!


Weight-loss is a perfect platform for this argument. I was once 450 pounds. I got there 100% of my own accord (special shout out to food for being my once BFF and main accomplice). I am now coming out of the downward spiral with exercise, healthy food options and lots of support from friends and family. Is my struggle “worse” or somehow more tragic because it was of my own making? No. Are my accomplishments somehow more impressive because of my size? Nope. So why then do I get so much praise from the folks around me for getting my butt to the gym or fitting into smaller jeans? I’m guessing it’s because the people in my circle – my community want to see me succeed. Sometimes I feel like a sham – I write a weight-loss blog for 2.5 years and yet I am not at my goal weight – how the hell is that possible?! I’m still struggling. But, maybe that’s the beauty of it. I have flaws (loves cupcakes, hates to cook), I fall down – I make mistakes – hell I straight up give up sometimes! But, I always get back on the proverbial horse and try again. I am resilient (I wasn’t always) and I share those struggles with the world. This blog is a lot about my success but even more about my real-life on-going struggles with my weight and my choices.

All that said I can’t help but wondering (in a very Carrie Bradshaw sorta way) – should “normal” people be getting the accolades for getting up every day and just being awesome? Shouldn’t those folks that have never strayed more than a few pounds from their ideal weight be saluted and revered more than those of us that slip up (time and time again) only to (someday hopefully) reach success?

Are you more drawn towards success after immense failure or status quo awesomeness?


5 responses to “Is Weight-loss an Accomplishment?

  1. Hazimax says:

    Thats a very interesting topic of conversation. I think we all feel like we have flaws, and therefore we relate most to other people who struggle with something, and through their success we are given hope that we too can overcome our own issues. The people who seem to have it all and never face struggle are the ones we are secretly jealous of, and we assume they already get so much praise because we admire them so much, that we don’t actually take time to praise their small accomplishments throughout time. I’d say whoever made that negative comment has some self esteem issues, like we all do, and wanted people to recognise her success’ in life rather than always praising people who lost their way a little then took steps to find the right path again.

  2. Jaylee says:

    I am drawn to praise people who admit their faults to themselves and get off their butts and make their goals become reality (no matter how long it takes them ;). ). People who are vigilant about what they want for themselves and don’t stray from their path deserve recognition, too, and I give praise to those people as well. My husband and I are exactly the two sides of the coin you are talking about. I struggle, he just gets up and goes for it before he gets out of hand. I admire him for that and try to follow his example. He will, on a daily basis, tell me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me, and is very forthcoming with praise when he sees me try to get a goal accomplished. Not all of us can just be awesome. Some people have to work on it. And think, for all those who just do it or who are trying to get it done, there are those who still just don’t try at all. So yes, you deserve all the applause and encouragement you can get because you, my dear, are climbing the mountain, not just riding the top or hanging out at the lake below. You are out there ::earning it::

  3. jamhunt says:

    I totally get what you are saying!! But I guess its better to support weightloss than to ‘not’ right? I have often thought of it the same way, but then when you see obesity as a rising epidemic, and then you chuck fastfood media and fatloss reality shows, it all becomes a little confusing 😐 I think celebrating making changes in our lives for the better is what should be happening, and if no one is cheering on the ‘fat person’ for getting their shit sorted… then who is right? If it weren’t for our overweight’ness, we would hopefully be focusing our efforts into some other accomplishment. I think its about what our efforts and time are achieving that should be commended, and not necessarily un-doing our ‘fuck-ups’ lol

  4. Misty says:

    I think there are different types of praise. The facts are to lose say over a 100lbs is a ton of work. Even if it’s something you did to yourself, as that thin person if a 100lbs appeared on you would you then become thin months later? Maybe not? Why? Because the bigger you become the harder it is to do things. Your fault or not the struggle is still hard. I am not going to reward someone who was naturally blessed with the abilities to do things, it’s like blessing someone for being naturally smart vs someone who has worked to be smart.

    With that, however, I still praise someone who is thin, they work out, eat right and do all the things they need in their lives to stay healthy. Why? Because, it’s not always an easy life style. You are not praising someone for their mess up. You are praising someone for realizing they need change in their lives and over coming their problems to become better!

    That’s worth praising. Anytime someone sets a goal and works hard to accomplish it deserves being noticed and patted on the back! Celebration of our feets help keep us going. Honestly, the person who commented has a very bitter attitude and sounds like they too want to feel praise. Why? Because it FEELS GOOD! We all need here “good job” once ina while 🙂

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