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#readysetgoals (Make it happen!)

on January 15, 2013

I’m all over the place today ~ so I think a bullet-point list of updates is in order! 🙂

* When I want something I obsess over it, I play the scenario out 92 ways to Sunday and honestly I take some of the fun out of the journey. I did that with weight loss. I talked about it (incessantly), I blogged about it, I bought tools to help (then I obsessed over those). Finally last week I had an epiphany. Stop talking and just DO. So I’m doing it! What does this mean? 5 things:

1. Eating intuitively. Choosing smart foods and not obsessing about them in My Fitness Pal. Reminder: food is fuel, treat it that way!

2. Move my butt as much as possible. Zumba. barre. cardio. Get workouts in. Don’t stress about it. Don’t freak out if you don’t have your FitBit or didn’t check in (it still counts, even if no one sees it, LOL).

3. Get some sleep! I’m terrible at having a regular bedtime and I notice the effects of 4-5 hours of sleep on my appetite and my weight-loss.

4. If you need a cookie, absolutely NEED a cookie – buy a real cookie from a bakery and savor the hell out of it. Deprivation is not the key to success!

5. If you’re feeling sluggish – seek out fruit or veggies, NOT coffee. (This is so much tougher to retrain my brain to do than it sounds!).

*I’m loving the goal jar. Just loving! This week I pulled 2 – no online shopping (harder than it sounds!) and early bedtime. I was texting a friend last night and he actually said “6 mins to bed time”. It’s both annoying and endearing when the people in your life hold your accountable for your goals!

*I’m obsessed with the hashtag #readysetgoals and the pictures folks post about making their goals happen. I also realized I have a lot of dreams – but without a plan and a deadline they stay dreams. I want to hike to the Hollywood sign. I want to buy cute LuLulemon workout clothes. I want to surf. These things are all dreams. Without putting some measurable steps and dates around them I will never achieve them!

dreams deadlines

*I am retiring two pairs of jeans from the rotation – woo! This led to cleaning out the hamper of too-small-clothes. I was excited to discover 3 pairs of jeans from 2005 now fit – YAY! I was more excited to find a pair of jeans I’ve owned forever (and loved forever but never worn) are really close to fitting!! YAY! Last January they didn’t get past my knees. I put them on the back burner, in October they got to my thighs but not past and now they are dangerously close to buttoning.  WOO HOO! I cannot wait o rock them. There is something so satisfying about wearing something you had to earn!

*Sometimes I feel like the little engine that could. I chug and chug and eventually I do make it a little further up the mountain (and feel accomplished!). This past week I’ve been participating in a barre n9ne challenge to post 1 pose from class every day on Instagram. Around day 3 I looked at my picture and thought “WOW – I see a difference!”. It doesn’t happen often so when I recognize it, I get excited!

b9 pose

This is me doing my best impression of a Tanya kick – LOL!


2 responses to “#readysetgoals (Make it happen!)

  1. Weight loss says:

    Keep me up great work.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Katrina says:

    You look amazing lady! Thanks for always being so motivating! 🙂

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