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31 ….

on January 31, 2013

Normally birthdays are an area of complete trepidation for me. While I love to celebrate and reflect on my year, I just hate the thoughts of being older and not being “where I should be at this age”. Sometimes being successful in life (great job, wonderful family and friends) seems to pale in comparison to the fact that I am single and don’t yet have a family of my own. My mom always told me to appreciate the age I am now because I can never go back. Well some days I wish I could go back and relive being 11 or 13 or 21 just to realize how far I’ve come and how lucky I am! I was joking with her that 31 and single isn’t dreamy and she retorted with “Neither is 60 and married with 2 kids some days! Wanna trade?“. πŸ˜‰

I’m always someone who has a hard time measuring my own progress. I live in this body, I don’t always see it change because it happens so gradually. Recently a few people in my life made comments about not seeing my progress – or not thinking I looked any different. Well, I present you with a picture from my 29th birthday (January 30th 2011) pulled straight from my blog:

29th Birthday

29th Birthday

And a picture from today:


I see HUGE differences – but not just in my hair (ditching those bangs was key) or my weight but in my smile. I’m HAPPY. Actually, legitimately happy. And that is priceless my friends! So maybe you’re not seeing me progress fast enough, but trust me – I am exactly where I should be right now (even if I don’t always see it). πŸ™‚

I vowed to take more full-body pictures. Here is one from May 29th (posted as part of this post):

May 28th, 202

May 28th, 2012

And one from today before TFFR (toned, fit, firm and ready):


My legs are finally getting slimmer – woo! I love being pear-shaped but sometimes it is frustrating to see changes everyplace but where you want to see it! I also suck at taking selfies, need to work on that!

Today on my second day of being 31 and loving it,Β  I am going to renew my vows to myself. I will continue to focus on being stronger and slimmer through activities I enjoy like barre n9ne, Zumba etc. I will choose whole, natural foods over processed junk and most importantly I will continue to believe. Believe I can accomplish my goals (like running a 5k!) and believe that everything (including being 31 and single) happens for a reason.

Jolene got me into these awesome Striking Truth manifestos – this was on from last week that really resonated with me:

In the end only the promises I make to myself will really matter anyways! Oh and yesterday’s was pretty great too! I am seeking love, fulfillment and happiness. Those things are seeking me too. πŸ˜‰



8 responses to “31 ….

  1. birgitlikes says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Samantha! I am 30 and single, so I know how it feels sometime. Also, the thought of “not being where I should be in this point in my life” sounds very, very familiar. Keep up your amazin work! All the best!

  2. Erica says:

    I am so proud of you.

    I also agree with the comment above about “not being where I should be in this point in my life”. I often feel that way as well and then need to slap myself and realize it’s due to societies expectations and/or unrealistic expectations I made for myself when I was what…18 years old and had no clue. I am glad to hear you see a difference in yourself aside from the physical. Nothing compares to being happy. ❀

  3. Jolene says:

    I LOVE this post!!! So much! And the progress in and out is just THERE, be proud, and OWN 31!!!

  4. Jess Sutera says:

    I love this post toooooo. I can’t say it enough, even in the relatively short time I’ve ‘known’ you, you’ve made some really great changes and progress and continue to do so. I am proud of you and I hope you are too — keep AT IT, slow and steady wins YOUR race!!

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