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Epic February Travel Commences!

on February 3, 2013

travel gnome

I am embarking on a month of epic work travel, starting tomorrow. In the morning I am heading to NYC for 4 days for client visits, then I’m home for 3 days and doing a tour of Texas next week (Dallas, Houston, Austin in 3 days!). Lastly I am spending a week in LA for work followed by a lovely week of vacation with Mom.  There’s no way I could stay on my number and continue losing weight without some serious planning!

For NYC I am driving (with my new manager and a coworker) because we have to stop in Stamford to see clients. I have snacks packed, I picked the hotel (because of their healthy restaurant menu!) and I scoped lunch and dinner menus for all my meetings and veto’d one place I know I could never be healthy in. It’s important to be honest with yourself. I know I have a weakness for dessert – going someplace with world-famous dessert is not a good idea for me right now! 🙂  I also have armed myself with the mentality that I DO NOT get to eat like I am on vacation. I will choose grilled proteins, salads/steamed veggies (or grilled or braised – some healthy cooked veggie!) and minimal salt. I get really bloated when I travel (think Michelin Man) because I have a weakness for all things bacon / salty delicious. Gotta be careful about this! As for exercise I have balls and bands packed so I can do an improv’ barre n9ne style workout and I have my sneakers and my FitBit. 10,000 steps should be a breeze.

For Texas I am meeting my sales manager and a coworker in Dallas then driving to Houston then driving to Austin and flying home from Austin. That’s 440 miles total in a car. Whew! I picked restaurant options near my site visits and I planned which snacks I can fly with and which I can pick up en route. I am going to be “that guy”  about restaurants – looking up menus, veto-ing things that don’t offer healthy choices etc.  I don’t have control over the hotels, but my sales manager has excellent taste, I know he will stay someplace classy that offers me a gym (which I will need for stretching after spending 4 hours in the car!) and nice restaurants for healthy breakfasts. Again I will have some fitness essentials – Zumba DVDs, iPod and sneakers. 10,000 steps will be cake!

How crazy is this!??!

How crazy is this!??!

After Texas I am home, sweet home for 12.5 days (in which I have 9 barre classes – yay!), then I head to LA for a week of business, followed by a week of pleasure. Mom asked if we could have “fake life” again in LA and I was happy to oblige! So I will meet clients, do some future planning with them and drive my butt off then I will pick up Mom at LAX and spend a week relaxing and enjoying being a tourist in my favorite city! I can’t wait. LA is the one place I know I can eat healthy ~ and exercise. The hotel has a healthy menu and a gym – WITH A BARRE! I’m worried about this trip the least. Oh and during this trip I get to hike to the Hollywood sign!! So excited for that.


The keys to rocking this epic month will be:

#Planning, planning, planning  – which I’m good at. I love to plan!

#Staying “in the moment” and NOT getting swept into “I’m traveling and can eat anything I want” mode

#Moving. Zumba, gym, walking – being active will not only keep my weight down, but it will also help with the bloating AND maybe even let me come into March 1 size smaller!

#Remembering the goals I have (especially the clothing ones) and keeping those in the forefront of my mind before making decisions!


I’m sure I’ll blog between now and then – but wish me luck on rocking this epic month!!


2 responses to “Epic February Travel Commences!

  1. Jolene says:

    LOVE your hashtag reminders at the end of this post! SO TRUE!! and I think of these, planning is number 1, at least when it comes to planning ahead for snacks and fueling so you can better CHOOSE during meals etc. Stay focused, you got this!

  2. I envy your resolve for this! Traveling and staying healthy is so hard. Do you have a Zumba DVD you can recommend? I need to get one!

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