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Blogtember (or “Where Did Summer Go?!”)

on September 7, 2013

Sometimes you take “a little break” from something, like say blogging – then look up and realize it’s been  4 months. Whoops! H! Thanks for still following me. 🙂

So where have I been? I wish I could say “traveling the world” or”curing cancer” …. but alas, no. I have been going around the same mountains – and beating myself up about the same failures. My mom is a fan of Joyce Meyer and even if you’re not religious, I encourage you to read this on behaviors that hinder instead of help.

I can only describe the last few months and my summer as “trying” (as in “trying my patience, LOL). I’ve had some ups – and a lot of downs both in my personal life and in the weight-loss sphere. I felt like I could just keep doing the same things and see different results – which is just silly. We all know the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting different results.


So rather than eating the exact same meals and doing the exact same workouts and over-committing myself to 90 projects at work I stopped – took a staycation and chilled out. It was blissful. I have to return to work on Monday and I don’t want it to end truth be told! This last ten days taught me to SLOW DOWN, stop being “everything to everyone” (because it’s really NOT possible), spice it up (workouts, food, different things keep you on your toes!) and most importantly – stop thinking. I am such an over-thinker….it’s honestly exhausting being in my head sometimes!

In the weight-loss sphere I’ve tried a bunch of different tweaks and finally concluded there is no “perfect diet” or “magic pill”. However, there is a nice balance that yields success for me. It looks something like this:

Samantha Success

“Healthy Diet” for me now includes lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins (eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, fish), some starches (couscous, quinoa, potatoes), dairy (Greek yogurt, cream in my coffee) and the occasional treat (ice cream, a martini etc). Giving up gluten long-term doesn’t work for me – but I’m glad I tried it. I am also much more conscious of my “carb” intake now – and avoid mindless eating (like crackers, white bread etc).  Giving up treats makes me feel deprived and then I binge (which leads to feeling awful….which leads to mindless eating to self-soothe. Lather, rinse, repeat bad behavior). I love vegetables even more now  than ever before – and I can eat salads sans dressing and enjoy the flavors (arugula or spinach + roasted and fresh veggies + lemon juice = best salad *ever*).  I love fruit, so that was never an issue. However, I’ve learned how to shop seasonally and enjoy what’s ripe and fresh at the moment – which makes a huge difference! Check out this delicious caprese salad from a few days ago:

tomato caprese salad

and check out my “loaded” fruit bowl (now a weekly feature in the house)

Peaches, pluots, bananas, avocados, oranges and two kinds of apples!

Peaches, pluots, bananas, avocados, oranges and two kinds of apples!

Sleep is an obvious one – and something I’ve blogged about before. When I get 7 hours of sleep I feel better (and I’m much less bitchy). 😉  ‘Nuff said!

Exercise is  TRICKY one. I threw myself into doing JUST strength training and discovered it does not take the pounds off. In order to lose weight AND reshape my body I need a combo of cardio (currently loving Zumba and Pound – which is a cardio class that includes neon green drum sticks. Dead serious. It’s sooo much fun!) as well as strength (my beloved barre n9ne – often imitated never duplicated + circuit training). Over the last few weeks I have finally balanced a schedule that allows me 4 cardio workouts, 3 strength training workouts and overall a good variety of exercise. I am convinced that the secret to success is spicing things up! Oh and to achieve this balance I dropped my gym membership and joined the YMCA – slightly more expensive, but tons of Zumba classes at 2 locations nearby was a huge selling point.

Minimal stress eh? Well the last few months have been stress-filled in every avenue of my life. My favorite aunt is ill, my job has been just nuts (not good nuts either – lots of changes and challenges that I really wasn’t ready to rise to) and I was finding myself “not where I wanted to be by this point in my life”. Do you ever do that? Do you ever look around and think “Fuck! I was supposed to have accomplished so much more by 31!”. I do. ALL THE TIME. I got into a really negative frame of mind and all I could focus on was *STILL* being over weight, *still* being single and *still* conquering the same demons I’ve been fighting since my early twenties. I got to a place where I thought “This must be as good as my life gets and there’s no use in wanting better” – but honestly, that’s crap and we both know better. 🙂  I am fabulous, I will conquer this weight demon and I will meet someone – when the time is right. I think sometimes you need to focus on where you’re going and not where everyone else around you is going. So, getting out of my head and allowing work to stay at work has been the focus of the last few weeks – so far I think it’s paying off!

During my staycation I noted a few things I want to focus on for September:

*Positive self-talk (every day, find something awesome about myself and share it – with myself). I don’t need to turn into one of those people posting constant selfies “looking for shout-outs”. No no, this is just for me to get out of a negative frame of mind and focus on the positive. Today’s positive is recognizing how much I eat intuitively now-a-days instead of mindlessly. Woo!

*Stop going around in circles (ala Soul Coughing — “I don’t need to walk around in circles, walk around in circles….”). Find a new path – change your mind – don’t react the same way you normally would.

*Letting it go. Sometimes, no matter how much I want to – or how hard I try I cannot change a situation. I need to continue working on letting go of what I cannot control.

That’s it – just 3 little goals. I figure if I can strive towards those things, other things will fall in line. What are you focusing on this September?



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