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October: Unprocessed!

on September 28, 2013

I sorta failed at “Blogtember”….I only blogged once! Sorry guys, I have good intentions – then I get distracted by life. 🙂

So October I am challenging myself to join “October Unprocessed 2013” – an awesome movement to eliminate processed foods, artificial flavors and colors and junk from your diet for one month. I’m *close*….but I’m not 100% on this already in my diet so a little push will be just what I need. I gave up soda and fast food circa 2005. I stopped eating frozen meals and packaged things like mac+cheese in 2010. Most recently stopped eating packaged snacks and I’m much more conscious of where my food comes from (organic when possible, preferably not in a box/bag). Overall I  make good choices 90% of the time….that said I do have a few bad habits that can be kicked …. like my Starbucks Espresso Doubleshot addiction (they’re so cute, so portable and keep me so caffeinated…but they aren’t all natural so they need to go) or my penchant for stealing cheese Doritos. I don’t *buy* them….so I never count it as a bad idea when I look at my food haul for the week – but I eat them twice a week lately and they need to be cut.

I also just noticed my salt and vinegar almonds are artificially flavored. Boo. Why does everything have something artificial these days?! Grrrrrr.


I’m also ready for some fall tweaks to come back into rotation – like oatmeal with berries for breakfast and SOUP. I love soup. Right now I’m obsessed with butternut squash. These fall tweaks will not include caramel apple cider from Starbucks – delicious but WAY too high in calories (360 for a grande! without whip!) and they are processed.

I feel like every time a new season starts it;’s a great time to challenge yourself to try something new.

So, will you join me for Unprocessed October? 🙂

If so pledge to join me and read all about it here!



One response to “October: Unprocessed!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hooray! So glad you’re joining in, Samantha!

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