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Fatness in the Media

on October 18, 2013

There has been SO MUCH in the media lately about weight that I needed to roll it all into one blog post and just give my 2 cents on everything fat related!

lets talk
First let me comment on the Maria Kang “What’s Your Excuse” picture/blog. Just in case you’re not familiar this poster sparked controversy like WOAH:

I had never heard of her before – and I will be 100% honest in saying I really had no reaction the first time I saw it. I’m sorry, I know several of you reached out expecting an eloquent rebuttal – I don’t have one. The picture shows an amazingly fit woman who has mothered three children – good for her! I will ALWAYS get behind someone who is living a healthy life and making am positive change. I read through her FAQ’s and found her to be honest and refreshing:

I have been told she’s big into “fat shaming” and fat bullying….. I did some research before posting this and I could not find any instances of her bullying anyone. She’s a pretty straight shooter – but there’s a big difference between saying “I have a full time job, mother 3 children without a nanny and still get my workouts in” and “You’re a terrible mother because you’re fat” right? Right. I read so many awful things posted  by total strangers about this woman that I was appalled. Sadly I think is as a society we have become obsessed with comparing our selves to others – then tearing them down. Why do we do this? Who cares if she looks like that and you don’t? She doesn’t! Who cares if she promotes a diet eating just elderflowers and doing only tai chi? It’s her life! Please stop acting as if everything on the internet is PERSONALLY addressed to you. #endrant

Now, let me address “#FatShamingWeek“. It’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard – so much so that I actually thought the person who told me was pranking me. Alas, it’s legit…. Have no idea what Fat Shaming is? Urban Dictionary to the rescue.


I was bullied a child (who wasn’t?!).  It sucks. It’s brought me to tears. It’s made me question my purpose and my place in the world. HOWEVER, it’s ten times worse now than it was when I was a kid. There was no social media in the late 80’s/early 90’s – there was just playground rumors and notes passed. Now people can share their hate on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, journals and instagram – and it can go viral. We’ve heard about kids committing suicide because of the bullying. But those are KIDS. Stop for a second and imagine that their parents and other adults take on a campaign to “attack and oust the fatties”  – that is what #FatShaming  week is all about. Now I did look at the hashtags to see who was posting – a LOT of it was saying how stupid the “movement” was and how childish people were to feed into this. That said, just as many posts were adding in things like “Looking at fat people makes me never want to go to McDonalds again” and my personal favorite  (Mom: earmuffs!) – “I would never fuck a fat bitch – I might get rolls!”. Really? THAT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY!  Jeez. If you want to be nasty at least come with something clever! So, that’s my 2 cents on this ridiculous “week”. I think it’s really easy to pick on obesity because as I’ve said before – it’s a flaw you wear. No one hosts national #OutTheWinos week or national #KickaJunkie week – because alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling are all things we can hide from society. Fat is on display. You can look at me and KNOW I’ve got a problem (even if I’m on the mend).

More thoughts on Fat Shaming week that I totally agree with can be found here.

Now, just to be clear I am NOT okay with Thin Shaming either. I get annoyed when I hear people tell my naturally thin friends to eat a hamburger. Come on people, let’s accept we’re all different and move the hell on. It’s 2013! We have put people on the moon and invented cars that run on french fry oil – can we please stop picking on each other’s bodies?!real women
Now my last media mention – Biggest Loser. You guys know I watch religiously because I love transformation stories. I do not agree with some of the practices or some of the hoopla – but I enjoy seeing people change their lives. This season is all about Second Chances. Awesome! I love a second chance – I love seeing folks who have given up try again! Then I saw the cast….out of 15 people 2 are celebrities! Are you kidding me? One is Ruben Studdard (singer from American Idol – I never watched the show so I had to Google him, LOL) and the other is Olympian lifter Holley Manfold. I am not pleased that people who could well-afford the personal attention BL affords you are on the show – it seems like a publicity stunt on NBC’s part. There are a few other changes in the format….Jillian, Bob and Dolvett got to interview the finalists then hand-pick their teams (which just felt like watching a bunch of kids being picked for dodge ball. Weird). Also, there is a “player save”where a trainer can save a contestant from being eliminated once in the season. I would have preferred a “Voice” style Steal – Dolvett’s dude falls below and Bob or Jillian can Steal – which moves the person to their team. I LOVED that it was only an hour – especially since I forgot to DVR it. Two hours is way too long – especially since they just draw out the crying scenes. I might sound heartless but some of these crying episodes make me roll my eyes. “I remember every awful thing someone said about my weight”. Really? You’re 35. That means you’re carrying around twenty odd years of insults and bullshit? Let it go. Honestly. Life is too short to hold on to things said on the playground or at the water cooler. Hopefully this season focuses more on progress and the second chance and less on the sob stories!

BL Season 15

Did you watch? What did you think? Are weight-loss shows overrated?

Did you have a strong reaction to the “What’s Your Excuse?” photo? Share it!

Did you participate in #fatshaming week? If you did please don’t comment – in fact please consider never commenting on anything again. 🙂

6 responses to “Fatness in the Media

  1. Lauren says:

    I love BL! Missed the first one… but I also love those shows in general… like you said I like the life transformations and showing people trying to improve their lives because they frankly have had enough with what they were struggling with and decided to take it head on!

    The what’s your excuse photo made me think… Damn I hope I can work my butt off to look like that after having 3 kids… or 3 dogs… whatever 😉 You go girl, like you said it’s her life! She’s clearly not starving herself and works hard for what she’s accomplished!

    And #fatshaming… I don’t have any nice words to say about that so I will just keep it to myself. The ones making the shaming comments are probably compensating for something that they lack and feel better putting others down than facing their own problems.

    ❤ you & your blogs 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    The first bit, “What’s your excuse?” I’m conflicted about. I mean, good for her–being fit and having kids. But the conflict I have is with the messaging. The “What’s Your Excuse” gives the impression that anybody who is NOT as fit as her, needs to be. And we all can’t be like her for whatever reasons. So, my excuse is because I don’t feel the need to have abs. I’d like to be skinnier but does my choice of body type really an excuse? If it was like “I can do it and I have kids, you can do it too!” (something like that), I think I would be on board. Also, let’s be honest, it’s her job to look like that. If I was getting paid to be fit and stuff, I think it’s a lot easier. (i.e. she was in pageants, she’s a fitness blogger etc etc). But a lot of moms are doing sedentary jobs and juggling kids which is different than being paid to look good. I’m not in OUTRAGE or anything, but I can see why there be backlash.

    The second bit I have never ever heard about. Are you serious? What week was this? We should have a shaming the shamers week or something–to call out people who feel they need to put forth energy to shame fatties. Seriously? These people don’t have better things to do?

    The last bit, I don’t mind the celebrities so much and here’s why: Celebrities can afford chefs, workout machines, personal trainers and the like—so they should all be thin regardless, right? Oprah Winfrey has a bajillion dollars and publicly struggling with her weight (and other people who go up and down). This shows me, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or where you are in life, weight loss is much more than just “eat right and exercise”. I mean, we understand that formula and yet almost half of the country is struggling with weight loss which means this issue is deeper seated within society as a whole whether it be that weight loss labs are in cahoots with junk food labs (this is just a theory, I have no idea but it makes sense to me), the affectation of proper health care, the media mentality…so on and so forth. So, the idea that celebrities who have access to all this awesomeness are also struggling, makes me feel like I’m not alone.

    Great post. Got me thinking.

    • I think I would have been more upset by the picture if it said “What’s your excuse, bitch!” – LOL. Seriously though I think people read into it a lot more than was intended. Her FAQ section seemed docile. Agree on fat shaming – the best part is these guys are the ones who end up the fat baldies at 20 yr reunions! #justsayin. Lastly, I agree on everything you say – Oprah is a PERFECT example of this – I guess I just wish if they did that they let the cast be 17 instead of 15 – I feel like they took 2 spots away from people who couldn’t afford help and may have really benefited from it.

      Glad I made you think! Hope you’re well lady. 🙂

  3. munkeemania says:

    I agree with about the fat shaming. I dont understand the need to hate her. Im glad i found your blog. 😉

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