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The Power of the Unsubscribe

on November 30, 2013


Do you ever think about the stress in your daily life and wonder where it comes from? Do you ever feel anxious or annoyed without good reason? We all have busy jobs, crazy lives etc. but what is the *one* thing we all do far more than any generation before us? Engage in social media.

Stay with me for a second – how many times a day do you pop onto Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or LinkedIn only to read or see something that rubs you the wrong way or makes you sad or angry (sometimes completely without your knowledge!). It changes your mood. It stress you out.  It affects your life and it steals your joy. It’s time to reclaim that happiness and get rid of the noise.

If you can’t buy silence you have to eliminate the source of the noise” (a quote from one of my new favorite shows, “The Hostages”).

So, here’s what I propose we do to fix this noise and stress –

Unsubscribe from mass emails (especially those that sell your information – Yuck). You know the ones I mean – companies you like, bands you listen to, political affiliations you may still support but don’t need 4,000 emails from on a daily basis. I was a big fan of this writer whose book I bought a while back….until I joined his mailing list and got 5 emails A DAY. It was overwhelming and frankly felt harrasive. Once a week? Not bad. Thirty five a week? Unacceptable.

Opt out of text messages (I might be alone here but I HATE receiving texts from anyone but friends). I don’t want texts from the library about overdue books or from my eye doctor saying I need to make an appointment and I certainly don’t want them from my cell phone carrier who already gets paid way too much each month promoting their latest deal. No thank you!

Unfollow people/companies on Twitter that don’t contribute anything positive to your day – or just retweet everything a celebrity says. Consider the “post the exact same status on 6 social media avenues under multiple names” offenders in this category as well. It’s just spam to send the same message to multiple audiences. Not everyone in your life needs to know that you just Shazam’d “Wrecking Ball”.

Most important – unsubscribe from people on Facebook who do nothing but complain, post horrible news or constantly start drama – no one needs that (and we ALL know these people!). If you don’t want to unfriend them then do yourself a favor and hide their statuses. Trust me, you’ll feel a million times better not being subjected to their nonsense!

While we’re at it – take this opportunity to think before you post. It’s way too easy to be negative. I’ve been coughing for 8 days straight and haven’t slept more than hour uninterrupted since the cough started – but I made a conscious effort not to bitch about those things on Facebook (I realize the irony in posting it to my blog but it was for the sake of explanation, LOL). Now I’m not saying you need to be Pollyanna but if your last ten statuses or tweets have more complaints than positivity – it’s time for a change. Unsubscribe from only sharing the junk and find something nice to put into the world. If you can’t find something nice…..yup, I’ll say it – don’t bother posting.

The days are long but the years are short – don’t spend them being brought down by garbage (your own or  someone else’s).  🙂


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