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Thin – at any cost?

on February 5, 2014

Sometimes procrastination pays off! I read this article last week and was so heated I need to blog….only then I got distracted (squirrel!) and never came back to finish the post. Last night was the finale of “The Biggest Loser” and of course there was controversy. Usually the big drama is someone went home, sat on their bum and didn’t look any different. Well this time we had quite the opposite problem…and it ties in to the article!

So, my friend Tiffany always posts thought-provoking things and she shared a true gem with this article…”Woman Can’t Have Kids After Gastric Bypass, Still Happy to Be Thin“.

Of course, the title alone was enough for me to be appalled – but then I read the article….

This woman, Jill was never loved by her father (and he admitted it on the Oprah show! Stay classy buddy) and decided to get gastric bypass so she could finally be thin and he would love her.

Hold up – wait a minute – are you fucking kidding me!?

Nope, she was serious. She never felt like she deserved love until she could be thin – and her own father propagated those thoughts. Then she had surgery and guess what? She ended up worse off. She is now thin…..and weak, nauseous AND she can’t have children. Complications from gastric bypass actually caused her infertility!  Was it worth it to be a size 6? I vote no.  I really wish that during my lifetime we could get to a place as society where your size does not define your worthiness or happiness. Going to the extreme just illustrates that there are other issues (emotional usually) being masked. Yay you’re thin! Oh wait, now you can’t have kids and you’re sick all the time….who cares, your dad loves you finally!

Also – I feel compelled to give my own Dad a shout-out. He supports me in any endeavor I take on and loves me regardless of what size jeans I’m rocking. Thanks Dad, I’m lucky to have you! (When I told him about the article his response was “Wow that dad sounds like an asshole”. LOL!).

Now, how does Jill and her asshole dad tie into the “Biggest Loser”? Last night’s winner, Rachel Frederickson was a contestant I was hot and cold about all season. I could relate to some of what she said….then she would totally lose me. She was a competitive swimmer as a child (and looked healthy and vibrant in photos they showed) then she gave up that dream when her parents got divorced. At this point she stopped talking to her Dad (because she thought he was angry she stopped swimming? It was all sort of confusing) then she got caught up with an idiot boy and gained weight because she never felt loved. All season she pushed hard to get back to being the athlete she used to be – which was inspiring. At the end of the season she finished the “Biggest Loser” triathlon in first place and weighed 150 pounds (down from her starting weight of 260). She looked healthy and amazing. Last night she took the stage and I literally thought it was Karen Carpenter. She was frail, weak and she looked like you could snap her in half with a hug. Given the event is live they panned to Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels for a reaction shot….their faces were pricelessly horrified:

Bob Jillian Tanya

They quickly panned away…only they couldn’t pan to the other contestants because they all looked EQUALLY HORRIFIED!!

Finally, Rachel gets on the scale and weighed in at 105. Yup, you read that right….One hundred and five pounds on her 5’4″ frame. She looked scary. She looked sickly and as my friend Sandy pointed out, she looked like she had developed orthorexia nervosa (an eating disorder categorized by an unhealthy obsession with being healthy). Her cheeks were gaunt, her arms were literally just muscle and bone – she looked as though she might drop dead.

Have a look for yourself:


Here’s another shot where I’m fairly certain we can see ribs:

Now, I posted to my Facebook saying she literally scared me – I wouldn’t recognize her if I fell over her and I have watched every episode this season. Of course, someone had to reach out and tell me “my opinion was wrong – she was healthy and beautiful and clearly an athlete“. Nope – my opinion is just that, my opinion. You can agree or disagree but I’m not wrong (and you’re not right). 🙂

Here’s a snapshot of Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin – check out the body composition difference:

Now, let’s say Rachel was healthy (despite all the indicators that she isn’t)….my real anger came in when I took to social media to see what people were saying. On Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I watched random girl after random girl saying “OMG she is so thin, I would kill to look like that!”. Really?! REALLY? Why don’t we have healthy role models for kids? Why don’t we teach them that there is more to life than aiming to be a size 0 if you’re not naturally a size 0? Sometimes society amplified by social media makes me sad. Why do we value weight and size above happiness or healthiness?? Where’s the logic here people!?

Did you watch “Biggest Loser”? What was your reaction? Given this is a game it has been speculated that she did whatever she had to do to win the $250,000 – including starve herself. How far would you go to lose weight?




10 responses to “Thin – at any cost?

  1. I completely agree. I fear after this, the show, which I love to watch, will become a negative, especially if they see people starving themselves to win a prize. My 13 year old daughter, who is 5’4″, 13 years old, and 100 pounds, called out to me as she watched and said, “Mom, she is way too skinny and that is unhealthy.” I am so glad she recognizes this in her young impressionable age. Someone who is her age and might not will now think this weight is acceptable. It disappointed me. It scared me for her as well. I do not think this topic is over. Definitely another issue out there with her, I agree.

  2. I had the same thought when I saw her. I don’t want to get into a battle of who’s too fat or too thin. I try not to comment on other people’s bodies, but I’m definitely worried about her health.

  3. Katrina says:

    I don’t watch the show, but I have seen this all over the internet. My first thought was that she looked like a Real Housewife, and I find them all terrifying looking. Not something I aspire to look like. Healthy will always, always be more important than skinny to me. I find it kind of sad and disappointing that no one from the show checked in with her or said anything to her prior to her big reveal.

  4. I think that they should alter the rules after this season. She did not look healthy to me either. And to the contestants who did what they were supposed to do, it is not fair. Rewarding her unhealthy extremes to lose weight with the prize money sends the wrong message….. however she isn’t the first one to mess with the game rules just to cheat and stay an extra week or 2 :/

  5. ninamholland says:

    I don’t watch the show but I can’t believe that she’s 24!? She looks 40- I think that’s a cautionary tale right there about loosing too much weight. Hopefully this doesn’t become the ideal for contestants on the show, or anyone for that matter!

  6. I couldn’t agree more. Losing weight is a journey but you need to keep your head in the game so you don’t develop a mind that is so concentrated at losing weight that you can’t stop…

  7. She neither looks on her age on the left nor on the right photo… Looks older anyway, unfortunately. I wonder what will happen to her further. Hope she will get the normal weight and health.

    Thank you for the post, I am at the beginning of weight loss, and the bad Dad you mentioned remindes me the mine T_T Gotta have a thought.

  8. Debbi says:

    Holy crap! She looks scary when she smiles!! There is nothing natural about the way she looks now. I seriously hope she has gained a few pounds (like 20!) back by now because you are so right. She looks like she could fall down dead any second!

  9. Evie says:

    You have to remember that all contestants would spend the day or two before weigh in not eating, not drinking anything. So being dehydrated probably didn’t help her look.
    I think the shock factor here is the comparison. She went from being so large to so small in such a short period of time.
    I agree she doesn’t look 24 here, but I also think she looks older than that in her ‘before’ shot. I also think she looks healthy and glowing in her ‘after’ pictures.
    She is really happy with her new body and wants to maintain (although I’m sure would have gained back all the water weight from the weigh in episode). And I think she looks great. But that’s just personal preference. And I didn’t watch the show so I don’t have the comparison to shock me.

  10. hellofatties says:

    Hey great blog, I just did a post that follows on from this you might be interested to read it! Hopefully you enjoy my blog too!

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