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Elf4Health Challenge Wrap-up!


While I LOVE Christmas and it’s my favorite time of year I’m super sad to see the Elf 4 Health challenge come to a end! It’s been an interesting 4 weeks for sure and it’s made me want to continue focusing on daily challenges for my mind, body and soul. Here’s a recap of my highlights (and lowlights) of the event! 🙂

Top 5 Highlights:
Unsubscribe! I wrote a whole blog post about the power of this challenge! Also a fellow elf turned me on to – it quickly compiled a list of everything I receive currently and helped me seriously slim down my subscription list!

Share your expertise! I wrote a guest blog post about fabulous ways to start 2014 (as an expert in self-improvement):


I offered free gift wrapping to the guys at work. It was such a success (and so much fun) I’ll do it on Friday’s next year for sure! I am a fabulous wrapper! Pun intended.


Makeup free – I could never do this at work until last year. I was in L.A. for work during the challenge and had to bite the bullet and go au natural during a day with big client meetings. It was scary but a success ~ and I’ve carried this on once a week ever since! I appreciate my good genes a lot more now than I ever did (thanks Mom!).


Setting a new fitness goal was fun – especially since it’s end of year and it’s easy to fall pray to laziness. 🙂 Next year I will take a hip hop class, focus on 4 days of Zumba and 2 days of strength training and bust out my DVDs: yoga, Tone It Up, POUND (coming soon!) to continue mixing things up and confusing my body into weightloss.

Wall-sit – this was the most fun challenge! I lasted 3 mins and now I’m inspired to keep these going! I can feel my quads getting stronger already!

Top 3 Lowlights: (I only had 3 fails and they’re worth sharing)

100 burpees – sweet Jesus these kill me! I think I did 10 total. My goal in 2014 is to try conquering these wretched little exercises.


Go meatless – I spaced and had chicken pot pie soup for lunch! LOL. There are ton of awesome recipes I could have made and I totally effed up.

Meditate – this is my brain when I try to sleep or mediate or be quiet for more than 10 minutes….


All in all I’m really glad I participated! I’m going to bring back the goal jar in 2014 and fill it with goals like “100 oz. of water” or “ten minutes of stretching” then do those every day for a week. Little changes make big differences right? 🙂




Happy New Year!

Fireworks 2013

I stopped blogging for a bit – not intentionally I just get so in my head that I couldn’t write without worrying about someone would think. In 2013 I will be writing when I want to and about what I want….which may mean I lose some followers. Meh! Life is too short to worry about how many friends you have on Twitter or how many comments your blog gets.

I’ve been watching episodes of My So-Called Life on Netflix- god I LOVED that show in 1995 – I forgot how much it spoke to me – and it still does. All the music from the season is still some of my favorite music and I swear I could have been Angela Chase at one point in my life.

“People are always saying you should be yourself, like yourself is this definite thing, like a toaster. Like you know what it is even. But every so often I’ll have, like, a moment, where just being myself in my life right where I am is, like, enough.” – Angela Chase

Sometimes, I feel the same way. Sometimes I feel like I lost touch with who I am. I get caught up in meetings and drama and nonsense and pretty soon I’ve gone weeks without reconnecting with my body (or my mind!). I start with good intentions, but then I get off-track and pretty soon I’m so far gone that I can’t remember all my healthy habits I had adopted. So, I stop blogging and I stop chatting with friends about healthy goals and I kind of shrink off into my own little world. It’s sad!

As always I’m thinking about what I resolve to do this year … what did I resolve to do last year?? Oh right – thank you blog!

In 2012:

I resolve to love more and fear less.

I resolve to trust more and question less.

I resolve to choose health over convenience or emotion.

I resolve to continue growing personally and professionally. Knowledge is never wasted!

I resolve to have more barre and less bullshit in my life. I’m at the point where I don’t want to subscribe to nonsense anymore.

I had more barre but I had a fair amount of bullshit too. I tried to love more and I ended up finding something I wasn’t looking for. Looks like I need to be more specific about what I’m looking for in a relationship – and what I’m bringing to the table. LOL.

So moving on – what will I accomplish in 2013?! Here we go……….13 goals in honor of ’13

* Complete Couch to 5K (using the fancy new heart rate monitor I bought – in pink of course!)
* Hike to the Hollywood sign! (I have ALWAYS wanted to do this – and I finally conned someone into doing it with me. So come February I will be hiking my cute butt up to see the sign and the lovely city of Los Angeles!)
* Go gluten-free (like legit. I want to go hardcore for a month and see how I feel – then adjust as need be).
* Get more fruits/veggies into my day (roasted, chopped, pureed – any form…just do it!)
* Stop stressing out about shit I can’t control (As the story goes: “Don’t worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday.”
* Cook an actual meal – like 3 courses that go together for someone I love
* Buy cute workout clothes at Lululemon (Stasia this means once they fit we’re going on a shopping spree!)
* Have more adventures – who doesn’t love an adventure?!
* Spend more time with the people who make me smile – and less with the ones who make me self-doubt
* Write more (not necessarily here – just in general. I have these moments of brillance…and I lose them on scraps of paper and random note pads in between life)
* Stop trying to make everyone like me. I’m sure I’ve confessed this before but in case you missed it – I HATE when people don’t like me. Hate it. At work. At the gym. Anywhere. i need to be liked. In 2013 I will build a bridge and get the fuck over it. Not everyone is going to like me – and that’s OK!
* Complain less. I am a habitual whiner, I know I am. Sometimes my inner monologue becomes my OUTER monologue and that just isn’t sexy. Time to kibosh the bitching!
* Be more awesome (I know, this sounds so arrogant right? But I figure it this way – if I am more awesome I will attract more awesome into my life and frankly – that’s what I need!

I’m super excited for NYE – I’m going to a masquerade ball with a bunch of girls (including my NYC BFF Jewels and my barre bestie Stasia – yay!!!) – can’t wait to celebrate the new year in STYLE! I got this mask – but of course I have no idea what to wear with it. Oh the woes of being a chick. LOL.

Happy New Year! Make resolutions – resolve to love yourself more – resolve to be happy (especially if you’re not) and resolve to make progress in 2013.

See you next year (har har)



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