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Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That….

I’m in the mood for a bullet-point style update. I love them in my paper journal, so why not here? 🙂

* I’m officially sick. Meh! Monday night I had chills and a sore throat w/ no appetite and yesterday I was running a fever and couldn’t stop shaking. Today I’m all stuffy and have still NO appetite.

* This new “Sick Diet” has resulted in a 4 pound weight loss since Monday. Crazy! LOL

* Of course, I know I’m not losing fat….relax! I was joking. Once I feel better I’ll be back to eating, and back to the gym.

* My BFF Rachel and I plan a fundraiser every year for Dana Faber and The Jimmy Fund; it’s called Shimmies for a Cure and this is our 5th year planning it! Of course, it’s a bellydance fundraiser. 🙂  Normally Rach rides the PMC – but this year we decided to do the fitness portion together in the form of a 5K of maybe even the Tufts Women’s 10K in October.

* The thoughts of run/walking any distance longer than a mile both thrill and scare the shit of me at the same time…. 🙂

* We picked the fall for a road race because we both have busy springs, and I need some time to train.

* I’m considering trying “Couch to 5k” — has anyone had success using it?

* I got a new fitness DVD I’m excited to try: “Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack” – now, I know I won’t have a 6-pack in 6 weeks … but I am taking measurements and a progress picture when I start so I can compare to 6 weeks from now. I’ll post the results!

* For Xmas I had a lot of luxury things I wanted, but nothing I needed on my list (at this age. if I neeeeeed something- I buy it.) – so I asked my brother for something I wanted: sessions with a personal trainer. Now, you might see it as me copping out – but hear me out. I know how to do cardio, I know how to do a weight- circuit routine. I don’t know how to use a bunch of different machines inside the gym, and I don’t have a good free-weight workout I can do on my own. So, my goal is to gain new workouts for my regimen.

* I have dance goals for 2011, but I am still working on my fitness and LIFE goals. I don’t want to tie my goal to a weight # though. I’m finding myself  disappointed with the scale these days. I’m thinking things like finishing a 5K, finishing a 10K, wearing  a size 16 etc. Once I have them firmed up, I’ll post them.

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