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Write it Down, Make it Happen

I save inspirational quotes I find online for a rainy day, like today (not actually raining…quite sunny, but you catch my drift). Here are today’s gems:


“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either IN or you’re OUT. There’s not such thing as life in-between.”
~ Pat Riley

Love them both! This is my life and I’m going to do the best I can every day to work towards happiness and healthiness. Is that a word? Well it is now. As for committing, that quote is absolutely right on. I blogged on Monday that I was going to stick to a schedule for the week of exercising and eating. I’m really pleased to report that not only am I sticking to it – but I’m doing MORE than I committed to! Yesterday I worked from home because I woke up with a migraine. I decided that going to the gym on lunch couldn’t hurt – so I did. I busted out 35 mins of circuits that left me exhausted. Nice! Last night my bro and I went to the gym again and I did cardio along with a dumb-bell routine I got from Bob Harper. Today I am HELLA sore….but I don’t care. It’s good sore. It’s the delicious “I worked my muscles so hard they are still crying” feeling!

I’m going back to the gym tonight for some biking and then some drilling at home with my beloved Zoe Jakes DVD(Although if the weather is nice after work I may opt for a walk in the grave yard instead). I’m feeling much more motivated and ready to kick ass lately and I think it’s because I made a date with myself. I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish each day, and if I don’t do it I only have myself to blame. There’s something very powerful about accepting your involvement in your fate.  So often in my past I have idly stood by and said “Oh I guess I can’t lose weight…I guess this isn’t working”. That’s bullshit and we both know it. If I want this (and I do!) then I have to work for it, every single day.

My BFF Jewels mentioned a book awhile back called “Write it Down, Make it Happen“, I read it and enjoyed it but I didn’t ever implement it into my life. Now I am (without realizing it!). I wrote down my goals and I am working towards them each day. I’m applying this to my professional life too. Writing down what I want to accomplish this year then writing down what it will take to get there. This is all very similar to the Circles activity from a few months back (also from Jewels – thanks girl!).

Are you guys writing down what you want? Do you know how to get there?


3pm Chocolate Cravings/ TV Show Commentary

While trying to kick my cravings – I have taken to writing down every single thing I crave in a memo on my BB (it’s getting ridiculously long). Tuesday at 3:15pm I was overcome with a craving for chocolate. I ALMOST broke down…but wait, I have NO snacks at my desk! Now, I normally keep a plethora of stuff at work…but I have recently been infiltrated by an angry mouse.  He destroyed all my snacks (probably with friends). To make matters worse, he shit on my popcorn. Asshole mouse.

Anyways, so my desk is barren of snacks. I REFUSE to go to the vending machine. Refuse.

I dig in my purse. Surely I have something I can appease myself with right?? Enter: Extra Dessert Delights Gum.


I got these in my stocking for Xmas. Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Shortcake and Key Lime Pie.

I tried the Mint Chip. It’s AMAZING. Craving – conquered!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck yeah!

I always laugh when I watch Biggest Loser and Bob goes on and on about gum. Who thought gum could curb a craving?! Not me. 🙂

Of course, I’m not thrilled with the idea of sugar-free (because of all the additives) – but if it prevents me from eating something I shouldn’t, I’m all for it!

I wonder if someone from Wrigley’s will see this post once I’m skinner and want to endorse me? I could totally be a Wrigley’s girl – I’m way less annoying than the Orbitz girl! Dontcha think? 😉

Now, I have been religiously watching “I Used to Be Fat” and of course “Biggest Loser” and I figured I should post my 2 cents at some point. 🙂

I loved the first episode of “IUTBF” with Gaby, but I HATED Marci. I wanted to slap her for being so damn whiny. She looked amazing at the end, and I loved her trainer – but I still wanted to slap her. I also was disappointed that her focus was cute clothes at a snobby boutique. Really? I denno – I guess I need to remember what it was like to be 18. 🙂

The third episode was Dominick – and in case you didn’t see it, I won’t spoil it. I liked him, he reminded me a lot of someone I know (who shall remain nameless). I could relate to his mom wanting to make people happy with food. I can’t even think of how many times I have made someone cookies when they’ve done me a favor. In retrospect I think most of my life I have though of food as love/appreciation. Hmmmm! Anyone else have this problem??

Now, let’s chat about “BL”. My BFF Jewels and I love this show – but she’s been on vacation in Hawaii (that bitch!) 😉 so I have only had my mom to gossip about it with.  So, this season has (in my mind) much more likable people. It also has two of the fattest contestants ever (Courtney and Arthur). It’s scary when you look around a grocery store or the mall and realize just how much of the population is overweight. How did we become the fattest nation?!

The “twist” this season is there are 2 sets of trainers. Bob and Jillian…and “the unknowns”. So NBC is being a bit dramatic. The “unknowns” haven’t been introduced and are training in a secret location in Malibu. Of course, being as nosey as I am – I Googled it to find out who they were:  Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel. Thank you to Lisa Johnson for the info! Both seem like interesting choices. From what I’ve heard (sound-bytes from the show etc.) – they’re both very no-bullshit, which is good.  However, I do wonder if Cara has any training at all….but, either way I’m excited for a new twist. I’ll be interested to see what happens next season since Jillian Michaels is leaving the show. One/both of them must be staying right?

Sidenote: Anyone else remember Kim Lyons? I hated her on the show. She annoyed the crap out of me.

Anyways, enough gossiping – back to the point! The contestants are way more likable, and they all seem to be pretty driven. I’ve noticed them using equipment I’m dying to try – but they don’t have at my gym – including Jacob’s ladder, a hand bike (I think that’s the right word) and they’ve worked a lot harder than I work. Now, I know they exercise as a job and are competing for money…but it forced me to remember to step my game up.

Arthur is 5’8″ and 507 pounds and this past episode he RAN for 30 seconds on the treadmill. If he can do it, I can too. I have no reason I need to wait until I hit a magic number to start pushing myself on the treadmill. If I’m planning to jog a 10K by October I better be putting in some serious work starting NOW.

Oh, and this season’s contestants have already started using the spin bike and having a Bob spin class! I have been talking about trying spin forever, but I keep saying I’m not strong enough. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and try?

OK – so the goal for the rest of the month: get my butt on the treadmill and jog for 30 seconds a few times!

February’s goal:  spin bike!



Are YOU Ready?

It’s FRIDAY! My week of doing the horrid 12pm-9pm shift is over! YAY! 🙂 I’m happy to say I am wearing jeans today that I have not worn in TWO YEARS. Hell to the YES! I probably should have weighed in…but I didn’t. This might seem strange but I don’t really care about the number on the scale. I’m more excited about FEELING smaller and stronger, and how my clothes fit. I’ll weigh-in on Dec 1st, as planned.

At the encouragement of Alexis; I borrowed “Are You Ready?” by Bob Harper from the library. I always knew there was many facets to losing weight, but the book really brought them all to light. So, I thought I’d share the good and the bad from the book in my humblest of opinions. If you’ve read it, let me know your thoughts!

The first part of the book is all about assessing the every important question….”Are you ready (to do this!)?” – because honestly, you have to be in the right mindset to succeed. Like I mentioned, I’ve attempted this journey several times before. But, I’ve never been open to embracing the process soup to nuts. If you’re just going through the motions, you won’t get the results you desire. Trust me.

It seemed weird at first that there would be emotional “stuff” to deal with when losing weight….but there is! It’s crazy! You realize that you are not defined by your size (regardless of if that size is a 2 or a 28), or the food you eat etc. You also learn that you will have to deal with bad days, unrequited love, empty bank accounts etc. WITHOUT turning to cupcakes. That part is HARD. Food is a crutch ~ and letting go of that safety net isn’t instantaneous. Letting go of your bad habits won’t happen overnight, it’s something you’ll need to work at each day until it becomes easier. Even Bob said that he emotionally eats on occasion. So, no one is perfect.

I think I could have used this book back in June when I started to analyze where I was and what I wanted, but I’m glad I read it either way.

The good:

*He emphasizes that this is a LIFESTYLE change, not a diet. We all know, DIETS DON’T WORK. Fin. So, you truly need to change the way you live today, tomorrow, forever in order to be successful.

*The nutrition plan does make sense, and helps ease someone into healthy eating.He mentioned a caloric range that seems normal (from my research/ WW/ training sessions) and mentions things that might be obvious, like avoiding alcohol and excess caffeine.

*The exercise section breaks it down into absolute basics – and he stresses the importance of walking. This is where Alexis began. I love walking outside, I do not love walking on a treadmill – but I can deal.

*There are PICTURES of the exercises! High-five for that Bob. Usually there’s some shitty diagrams where you think you knee and elbow are supposed to touch…but who knows. All the movements mentioned are things I only know to do with machines, it’s nice to know how to do them with just dumbbells and a big exercise ball.  He offers suggestions for newbies, and ways to make the moves harder once you’ve mastered them. One thing I will add – you should have someone supervise you when you begin these kind of workouts to watch your form. You can easily torque the wrong way and injure yourself.

*His workout breakdown seems very manageable: 3 days of weight circuits, 2 dedicated cardio days, 1 dedicated ab day. Currently I don’t have a workout dedicated to my core muscles, but I think I will incorporate one into my regimen using one of my favorite DVD’s:  Bellydance Core Fitness along with some weights and some Pilates.

*He goes into depth about letting go of the negative emotions, forgiving yourself for past mistakes and moving on. As I explored in my last entry, you can’t negative self-talk – it doesn’t get you anywhere but stuck in neutral. 🙂

The bad:

*On page 87 he says “Muscle weighs more than fat“. No, no it does not. 1 pound of muscle is the same as 1 pound of fat. However, muscle is more dense, so it takes up less space. Think of it like this, envision a pound of clouds and a pound of brick side by side – clouds take up WAY more space right? Of course. But, 1 pound = 1 pound = 1 pound. Someone who is very muscular and weighs 175 pounds will appear smaller than someone who weighs 175 and has a higher ratio of fat. Fat takes up more space than muscle.  I’m getting off my soapbox…I promise. I just HATE when I hear that kind of misinformation. 🙂

*I prefer to see a DVD, or watch someone do an exercise rather than read about it (nit-picky I know). But, if this book is all you have – it will work. Bob recently put out his own set of DVDs (Bob’s DVDs). I got all 4 for $30 (which is a steal) and so far I like 3/4. I’m not a huge fan of the yoga one, but I can’t put into words what I don’t like about it. I own all of the Biggest Loser DVDs and I’m not a huge fan of any of them sadly.

All in all I would give the book a solid B. I like a lot of what Bob had to say.

Looking forward, I have 12 days until my weigh-in. Plenty of time to get lots of hardcore workouts in! 🙂


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