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Self-Reflection Sunday ~ Closed Doors

I really like the “self-reflection” series and I added a calendar reminder to my Outlook to keep it up. (Yes, I am THAT GUY who lives in a calendar….nerd). So this past weekend I heard a nice Joel Osteen sermon (my mom is a huge fan) on “closed doors”. Being thankful for the things that don’t work out. Sounds crazy right? It’s not — trust me for a second.

Have you ever wanted something SO BAD you could taste it? When it doesn’t work out are you devastated? Of course! But have you ever considered why it didn’t work out? Why didn’t that relationship work? Was it because you were meant to be alone for a while and discover more about who you’re supposed to be? Was it because someone better was coming along?

I went through a point in my career where I applied for every open job at my company and some outside of  my company. Nothing was working out. I was really down on myself and starting into a spiral of “I suck”, “I’ll never move up”, “I’m not worthy!”. Turns out that the right position was coming down the pike – but I wasn’t ready for it yet. The job I have now takes patience. professionalism and a tough skin. I didn’t have those things a few years ago. I needed to work on them. Once I had done that – the perfect job ended up finding me. When I stopped looking, things worked out. Doors opened that I never expected!

Now, you all know I’m single and alone but not lonely. I have tried pursuing men in the past and ya know what? It doesn’t work out in my favor. I could spend time looking at the closed doors of past crushes but instead I will thank God/The Universe that those people didn’t stay in my life and there is room for someone whom I can love. Drew Barrymore once said in an interview that she believes things really do happen for a reason, even if you can’t see that reason at the time.It’s still important to seek out those reasons. Be introspective. Why did the relationship fail? Why did your  business venture fall apart? What lesson can you take away? What changed as a result of this bad experience? Am I better person for having love and lost? Of course. I know how to be a good partner – even if I haven’t found my own perfect mate yet. I have a lot more to offer someone else because I have spent time on myself.

So on this lovely, sunny Sunday I will sit and reflect on closed doors, unanswered prayers and roads not taken. I will not dwell – just give a thoughtful nod in the direction of the people/events that have shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for leaving/not working out ~ I’m better because of it.

Side note: My mom always tells me that you can’t make someone stay in your life if they don’t want to ~ nor can you force something to work out if the pieces just aren’t in place. Let it go.

I grew up listening to country music (thanks Mom and Dad!) – Garth Brooks was always on the stereo. Even if you’re not a country-music fan give this song a listen ~ it’s really powerful.

Lastly, since I’m not always super serious I figured this some ecards was worth including today- HA!


Right on Time

I’m always thinking about what could have been, might have been, would have been….it consumes my thoughts before bed and when I first wake up. I have tried to quell these thoughts  but it’s nearly impossible.

Had I only done X then Y would have been different. Case in point – had I actually stuck with Weight Watchers when I first joined (2004) I could be years into a healthier life instead of still struggling with weight loss.

Alas – these thoughts lead me down a dangerous rabbit hole …. until I see things like this:

One of my favorite sayings has always been ‘Everything happens for a reason‘ ~  but I feel like sometimes you use it as a cop-out to avoid your true feelings. Am I disappointed I didn’t get my act together sooner? Of course! Am I happy it led to this blog and bloggy friends? Of course! Had I not met said bloggy friends (Jess and Jo!) I wouldn’t have found barre n9ne and fallen in love with the barre method. It is legit my favorite form of exercise EVER. I sweat… a lot,  I’m never bored, I feel strong, but not exhausted beyond belief. It’s amazing.

So next time you’re thinking “If only X then Y” – consider the quote above!

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be at this moment in time.

Another favorite quote worth re-posting:



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