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Windshield vs. Rear-view Mirror

So I know this is a *side mirror* - but I loved the shot. 😉


Why is your windshield bigger than your rear-view mirror?

….because your past isn’t as important as your future. I’ve heard the saying a million times, but I am only now realizing how true it is.

My 10-year high school reunion was last Friday. I didn’t go.

I liked high school fine enough. I was somewhat of a social butterfly I guess; I hung out with band kids, older kids, younger kids. I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t an outcast either. Just, somewhere in between. After high school I only kept in touch with a few people and over the years that has fallen by the wayside. I am FB friends with a few folks from HS, and it’s nice hearing where they are now, how many kids they have etc. But, I didn’t feel compelled to spend a night reliving memories I’ve long since forgotten.

I thought about it ad nauseam the next morning. Would I have felt differently if I had met my goal weight by now? Nope. Would I feel differently if I was married? Nope.  So, I made the right decision. There were some people I would have liked to seen and catch up with …. but for the most part I think I would have felt out-of-place. High school wasn’t the best time of my life (it wasn’t the worst either!),  I  just don’t think I would have gained anything by going.

I’ve made mistakes in my past (who hasn’t?) and I sometimes think about the path not chosen. Had I not done X or said Y would things be different? Of course. But, “there’s no such thing as what ‘might have been’ – that’s a waste of time…drive you outta your mind” (says Tim McGraw). So, today I’m not going to dwell in the past, or contemplate the road not taken. Today I am going to focus on the present. Health, happiness, love and change. I’m looking forward, not behind me.

I’m not the person I was 10 years ago (one with pink streaks in her hair who wanted to be a journalist – and only write about her own opinions, haha) and I’m sure 10 years from now I will completely different than the person I am today. All that said, I’m happy with where I am – and I’m only looking forward from here on out! 🙂

Now, just for fun, here’s my H.S. senior class picture….and a pic snapped today w/ my camera phone!


Senior High School hair WAS pink just before this!

Take via my BlackBerry, sorry it's blurry!


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