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Kettle-bells and Clean Eating

I’m always big into new/fancy/improved things for losing weight and working out. I have an umpteen amount of DVDs, bands, weights etc. and truthfully I rarely use any of them. For Xmas I wanted Kettle-bells and being a bargain shopper I looked around to find the best price. I found these @ TJ Maxx for $8 and $10 respectively:

So, they’ve been sitting under my desk since Xmas just waiting to be used.

Oh, and I got this DVD to go with them (which I still haven’t done….review coming soon):

After getting my usual strength training work out + cardio in yesterday I decide to try the kettle-bells. I go online and find a few moves that look easy enough from Shape Magazine, Kettlebell Workouts Dot Com and the paper that came with the weights.

I can’t lie- I was SORE. I would consider myself a strong-ish person….these little weights kicked my ass! This morning it hurt to lift my arm over my head, and my thighs were aching. I’d call that a good workout!

Anyone out there have some good kettle-bell moves they want to share? Bonus points if you include stick-figure drawings! 😉

On the food front, I am happy to report that I really love the Points Plus! I was leery, having been a drop-out of the program many times before….but I think this may be the time that actually works for me! I am full everyday – with a few points left over (I know you’re supposed to eat them ALL – but what’s 3-4 points between friends?). I’m tracking my activity and surprised to see how many points I’ve earned (the ladies in the last meeting average 8-10 points a week….I’m at 30 so far!).

While digging in a box of books for something else, I came across 2 interesting books I must have purchased around the same time: Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 and Eat Clean by Tosca Reno. I had to laugh at the juxtaposition here – one book has low calories snacks and meals using a fair of amount of processed “diet” foods (low-calorie, low-fat, sugar-free) and the other was about eliminating all processed foods. Thumbing through the HG book I got some good ideas for snacks – but was disappointed to see so many “diet” ingredients. I would much prefer to have a little of something made with sugar than a lot of something made with artificial sweetener. Now, on the other side of the coin I have a lot of friends who adopt an “eat clean” diet – and love it. But, looking through Tosca’s book I’m not sure I could ever con myself into eating things like bee pollen and flaxseed. :-/

I was on Shape magazines site and saw an article about a 7-day Eat Clean challenge. Sounds interesting, I think I’m going to try it starting Feb 1st. I mean, I could start this weekend….but it’s my birthday and I plan on having cake, and a margarita. Hey, you only turn 29 once! 🙂

Anyone else out there eating clean? Was the adjustment hard?


Weigh-in / Back to WW

I decided on NYE that I would do bi-monthly weigh-ins instead of my normal monthly weigh-in.

I have been attempting the 10 Days On/1 Day cheating…and it’s REALLY hard, I can’t lie. I have more cravings knowing I can’t have something for 9 more days than I did before. I’m not sure it’s going to work for me, but I’m giving it a second shot starting today. I’ve switched out my too sweet morning coffee for a regular iced coffee (I didn’t even think to check how much sugar was in my iced mocha….the answer is a LOT). I’ve made little changes, but I’m certainly  not see big results just yet.

At my last weigh-in I was 334….and today I am 336. I’ve gained two pounds. I ate LESS bad stuff, and I gained two pounds! Meh. I know, 2 pounds is nothing etc.  But….I’m upset. I’ve been to the gym several times, I’ve been getting extra bouts of walking in whenever I can etc.

So I started looking back at what I have been eating – and overall, I’m just eating too much. I might not be eating ice cream and potato chips, but I’m eating twice the portions I should and I know better. Sidenote: knowing you’ve eaten TOO MUCH healthy food really is a kick in the pants.

I lamented about my overeating to my brother, who is also working towards losing weight. I suggested we rejoin Weight Watchers – and try their new Points Plus Program. I have had success on WW – when I’ve given it 100%. When I just half-ass it, I have failed.

So, next Sunday we are joining together – and I’ll be posting my weight here every Sunday after our meeting.  I like weighing in on a Sunday – it sets a positive tone for your week. I also like having someone else weigh me in. I can’t make excuses, or blame the scale – I just have to accept it and move on to a better week. He’s had huge success on WW – so it’s a good plan for both of us.

I feel like diet and exercise are two sides of a scale. I’m never perfectly balanced. If I have a week where I eat great, I only exercise twice. If I exercise a bunch, I don’t eat great every day. It’s so hard to find that nice balance on the see-saw. Maybe that’s normal?

I’m more excited for WW now that I’ve found out they have apps for your phone that include mobile food trackers, exercise trackers and the ability to scan a bar-code and see how many points something is. Now, I don’t eat that much sold in a box…but it’s a really rad feature to have!

Anyone else try the new plan? How’s it working for you? I’ll write all about it once I rejoin. 🙂

One highlight of the weekend, I exercised my BUTT off yesterday. I designed a new workout that included bouts of cardio in between weights/push-up/crunch circuits and I sweat SO MUCH. I felt insanely accomplished, and I’m sore today which makes me happy. Wow….did I really just say I liked sweating and sore muscles?! Haha!Who am I?!?!

Quiet week – so I’m planning to get a workout in every day (abs, full body, circuits, just cardio) and keep mixing it up. Oh, and I’m getting a fabulous haircut on Saturday, so I’ll post some pix of my new look too!


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