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Veggie Challenge Accepted!

As I mentioned in my last post I have joined a CSA for the summer/fall and I am just now realizing the veggie throw-down I will be involved in for the next 23 weeks! LOL.

This week I was able to find uses for the whole basket but I had to get creative and I thought I should share some of the ways I’ve incorporate more veggies in my life.

But first let’s talk about the veggies. So three of the five things I have never had before (bok choy, radishes and Red Russian kale). Bok Choy really has no flavor on its own raw (it’s crunchy and sort of like celery) but stir-fried it is DELICIOUS. Radishes are slightly peppery and remind me of a mushroom – I like them raw in salads or cooked in stir-fry and Red Russian kale is significantly sweeter than regular dino kale (which I do not enjoy!). I am an arugula addict and spinach lover so those were easy to find uses for!

First I made some simple salads and since I LOVE a fried egg I topped them with eggs from the egg share (holy yolk porn!) – they were AMAZING eggs. So creamy and delicious – the 6 were gone in 3 days. LOL!

2014-06-07 14.02.13

Fried egg from Wingate Farms with green onion, salt and pepper. PERFECTION!

Simple salad - spinach from the farm topped with balsamic onions, raw onion and tomatoes. No dressing needed!

Simple salad – spinach from the farm topped with balsamic onions, raw onion and tomatoes. No dressing needed!

When in doubt – salad is king. I’m a huge fan of mixing raw and cooked ingredients – next week I’ll include a bit about the “Samantha Kitchen Sink Salad” mentality. I couldn’t deal with the bok choy raw so I decided stir-fry was the perfect vehicle. I made it for my family one night and it was a huge hit:

Brown rice with stirfry (mushrooms, peppers, onions, baby corn and bok choy)

Brown rice with stirfry (mushrooms, peppers, onions, baby corn and bok choy)

Then last night I was standing at the fridge deciding what to make for lunch looking puzzled (like that commercial where the kid and his dad both look into the fridge waiting for food to appear) and I realized I still had a TON of veggies left (2 bok choys, that weird kale and some spinach). When in doubt: USE THE WOK! This is my fabulous creation (please note the action shot – THAT IS STEAM! Haha). I never, ever thought I would be someone who could feel full eating a plate of veggies – but this was my lunch two days in a row and it was delicious (and the folks around me were JEALOUS!).


2014-06-10 23.11.20

I wasn’t so sure I’d like kale stir-fryed because I don’t care for it as chips or a salad (I always feel like it rivals lawn clippings) but I really love it stirfryed! It adds a nice bite to lunch.

This week I have a whole new basket of greens: Spinach, lettuce mix, head lettuce (red leaf and “Red Tide”), salad turnips, “French Breakfast” radishes, scallions, sorrel, arugula and “Red Rain” mustard greens. I asked Facebook friends what I should do with turnips and my pal Amy recommended this: Turnip Rosti given it sounds amazing AND I got scallions I will have to try it!

I’m loving the summer challenge of using more vegetables in my life – summer is synonymous with cocktails and ice cream so it’s verrrry easy to fall off the wagon and into a sundae. This year I will definitely balance my treats with greens. 🙂


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Community Supported AWESOMENESS!

Last summer my BFF Jewels (who lives in NYC) joined a CSA and spent the summer experimenting with awesome veggies. I was jealous – I needed to join the CSA club. So, this year I did my research early and found a farm in Winchester, NH called Picadilly Farm that offered everything I was looking for in a CSA – organic, close by and run by an awesome crew.  I love supporting an organization run “grass roots” by amazing people. So for the next 23 weeks I will be blogging about the fantastic bounty I receive and the crazy recipes I concoct. I’ve decided to dub this series “The CSA Files”. 🙂

  •  What is a CSA exactly? When you become a member of a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of vegetables from a regional farmer. Weekly or bi-weekly, from June until October you receive a box filled with the harvest of the week.
  • What’s included? You know the line “He had me at hello?” well Jenny, Bruce and the crew had me at arugula. I am obsessed (as you well know) so looking through this sample menu had me hooked in just a few sentences!
  • How does it work? I go to a house a few towns away every Thursday afternoon and pick up a GIANT box of veggies and a carton of farm fresh eggs (from Wingate Farms) – enjoy then the next week I get to do it all over again! So rad!

2014-06-05 19.23.35

This is the epitome of technology meets old school – I get an email every Thursday from Jenny with the weeks crops then I pick up my good in a garage in a cute little neighborhood – LOL!

Yesterday I picked up spinach, baby bok choy, red radishes, arugula and “Red Russian” kale – plus amazing brown eggs! (Brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh!)

2014-06-05 19.24.46

2014-06-05 19.23.55

I already know the arugula and spinach will be mixed together for a kickass salad base. But, I’ve never eaten bok choy or radishes and I have no clue what to do with “Red Russian” kale!

A quick Google tells me I should stir fry bok choy or use it in a dumpling (mmm), use “Red Russian” kale for sauteing with pecans to bring our their sweetness and serve radishes either sliced raw or braised with shallots. Sweet! I’m psyched to try new recipes – it’s like my own personalized “Chopped” Veggies”. 🙂

Any suggestions for favorite dishes I could make with these? I’d love to hear them!  Stay tuned next week to see what I make!


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