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“Heavy” is Light on Fluff

A&E’s new show “Heavy” premiered last night and as promised, I took notes. In case you were planning to watch, please don’t read – I don’t want to spoil it for you! 🙂

The show follows 2 morbidly obese people each week as they undergo a hardcore weight-loss/diet program. This is a no-surgery, no-nonsense approach, which I like! This is also not a game show, there is no “prize” – besides winning your life back. God, I just sounded so cheesy! Haha.

So the first episode followed Jodi and Tom.

They both go to a weight-loss center where they will stay in isolation for 30 days to focus on weight-loss. No phones, no TV, no family etc. Everytime I see things like this I wonder “How can anyone AFFORD to do that??”, but I digress. So they go away for 30 days then continue their journey at home for the next 5 months.

They both had given up on themselves, which is a feeling I can relate to. There comes a point where you think “I can’t fix this….I’m going to die fat.” They both had also had some scary health issues related to being obese. Tom had lymphedema (so icky….he had a GIANT tumor growing on the inside of his leg, yeck!). Jodi had actually had a STROKE a few months before the show. A 36-yr old woman having a stroke?! Insane.

Things I liked about the show:

* The trainers were both great and I valued what the nutritionist said. All 3 certainly understood the needs of an obese person – but didn’t out up with whining either.

* They lost a realistic amount of weight. I won’t give away their 6-month tally but they both lost 30+ pounds their first month. Now, for someone THAT large ( Tom was 638) – you are giving your body a drastic shock when you switch from liters and liters of soda and fried chicken to water and grilled chicken.

* They both had setbacks. Jodi’s were emotional, Tom’s were self-sabotage. Both were completely realistic.

The things I didn’t like:

* The WHINING. Does every show need to have this much whining?! Sheesh!

* In the intro Tom is at a fast food joint and order 6 cheeseburgers and 3 chicken nuggets. REALLY? I want to slap people when I see that. I HATE that stereotype! We don’t all eat that way, dammit.

* I missed the connection to the contestants. On BL you see the people change from week to week, and you pick “favorites”. You can’t really be emotionally invested in someone’s journey when you’ve only seen them for an hour.

My favorite moment in the show was when Jodi says “What if I lose all this weight and I’m still unhappy on the inside“. It’s so true. You could lose 200 pounds and still not feel any better emotionally – because you haven’t gotten to the root of your problems. Kudos for figuring that out early on! So many people think the fat is the source of their pain/unhappiness etc….it’s not.

I liked the show. I’m not sure I’d watch it religiously like I do with BL – but I’ll definitely catch up on bored weekends etc. Overall I’d give it a B.

Did anyone else watch? What did you think?


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“I Used to Be Fat”

Happy New Year everyone!!! Can you believe it’s 2011?! It just seems crazy. 🙂

I am happy to say I have already gotten an amazingly kickass workout in and I’m starting on a new challenge. 30 DVDs in 30 Days. I have WAY too many DVDs and I figure it I try one each day I can do a little give-a-way in Feb. of the ones that are not for me. Additionally, having a DVD challenge will help me when it’s hella cold and I don’t want to go to the gym. I have new kettle bells from my bro and a yoga mat – I have NO excuse not to rock and roll this winter!

I have mentioned before that I am a self-proclaimed weight-loss show junkie right? Well, I’ve been sucked into a new one. “I Used to Be Fat” premiered on MTV last week and follows an 18-year old as they lose weight the summer before college. I can relate to this desire – I remember graduating HS being well over 200 pounds and wishing I could reinvent myself before starting college. I went to a small, artsy school and I have often wondered how different my life would have been if I started school at a normal size and not so obese. But, alas…I didn’t and here we are discussing it 10 years later.

So, the first episode of this show followed Gabriella – you can read all about her here. She kicked ass. In 111 days she lost a PERSON (90 pounds). That’s amazing. It took me 365 days to do that – so I was certainly inspired.

A few things that I loved about the show: while she had a trainer, it was a very no bullshit trainer. Several times the trainer said “this is hard, if it was easy you wouldn’t be here“. Amen sista! Gabriella had to learn how to eat right, and how to co-exist with a family who ISN’T eating right. Just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean the world is going to stop to accommodate you!  I also loved that she had a goal and counted down to it. Each day she ripped a giant poster-board sized calendar (starting at day 111). I think I need to implement something like that! So, I’m going to be counting down to Tribal Fest  and as of today I have 132 days. I’m not sure I can lose another 90 pounds….but I think I could rock out for sure. Actually, maybe I could….that’s only an average of 5 pounds a week! Hmmmm!

One more thing I liked about the show – she made sacrifices to reach her goal. She said herself – most people are partying and living it up during the summer after senior year. She was exercising every day and eating right. It might have been hard, but hard work pays off! You watch her sweat, cry and struggle through the emotional part of losing weight (like learning to stand by to her overbearing mother, who I wanted to bitch slap).

Here she is before and after:

Amazing huh?!?!

Anyone else watch the show? Do you find weight-loss shows to be motivational?

There’s another on A&E starting soon, “Heavy” – I’ll DVR it for sure and report back on my opinions! 🙂

Have you guys started working on your resolutions yet?? I hope so – no time like the present!




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